Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Painting with baby wipes?!!

Who knew you could paint with a baby wipe as a "paintbrush"?!  Dyan Reaveley shared this great technique using her wonderful Dylusions Paints to quickly add dramatic coloring to a journal page.  You can also use this technique for making fabulous background panels for your cards.

Here I used horizontal strokes of Dylusions Paint; Fresh Lime, Crushed Grape,
London Blue,  and  Cut Grass.
Note that at the top of the paper, I added some strokes of White Linen to soften the colors.

 I like to use a 110# paper to reduce warping from the damp paint. When I paint on a 8.5" by 11" card stock, I can cut it in fourths, creating four card stock panels at one time!

I simply wadded up a baby wipe, forming a circular "pad"and dipped it in the jar of paint. Tap off a little paint if you get too much, and swipe away on your card stock. It's fun to try different types of strokes.....horizontal, round, circular, vertical or diagonal motions with your baby wipe "brush".  Or, use a combination of strokes for even more interest.

Here, I used a swirly motion with my baby wipe "brush", and made circular swipes with the paint.
I used Bubblegum Pink, London Blue, and Crushed Grape colors, with some swirls of White Linen on top.

On this paper,  after swiping on the colors, I made some strokes of White Linen paint on top.  I also just lightly "pounced" the baby wipe to create yet another look with the White Linen paint

I hope you will try this fun technique, and enjoy making lots of wonderful background panels for your cards.  The paint is super smooth on the paper, so it feels nice to the touch, and accepts stamped images quite well.

If you would like to see these samples in person, just drop by the shop and we would be glad to show them to you. Samples from the recent class using this technique and bokeh are also in the shop.


  1. This is really cool! Thanks for sharing this technique...

  2. These are beautiful Marj. I love the colors you used. I haven't used the Dyan Reavely paints very much but this technique definitely makes me want to use them a lot more!

    1. Thanks, Pam and Helene. Yes, our delightful dilemma is that we have so many fun products and techniques, it hard to make time for them all!


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