Friday, April 15, 2016

Technique of the Week: Artsy Accidents by Marj Marion

Don’t you love it when you create something artsy entirely by accident?  I love to do die cut piecing, and often paint my die cuts with a paint brush using Nuance “watercolor” ink, mixed with “pearly water”. I create a palette of Nuance colors, and paint up my die cuts for piecing back into a card later.

This photo shows how I paint the die cuts on top of a waxed sheet.
Save the die cuts for another project. I used Distress inks
(reds, yellows and oranges) and pearly water.

 In other posts, or in my classes, you know how often I use the Waxed sheets (also called Kabnet, and found at Costco).  When I’m making a painty mess, sometimes I work on a waxed sheet so I don’t have to clean up my craft sheet.

During a recent die cut painting session, instead of tossing the waxed sheet in the trash, I laid it out to dry, and later, I liked the look of it.  So……I applied Glue stick to a 65# white paper, crinkled up the waxed sheet  and then smoothed it out over the glued surface. I let the glue dry well, then trimmed it up as a top panel on my finished card.  I love the way the Perfect Pearl sort of outlines the drips and droplets that dried on the waxed sheet. 

After the waxed sheet is dry, I crinkle it up, then smooth out 
and glue to a piece of card stock.  I run a brayer over it to keep 
some of the wrinkles, but make it smooth enough to stamp on.

You can change the look of your background by changing
up the color of the card stock you glue the waxed sheet to.

I used Magenta 07.805 I  and Tim Holtz Scribbles and Splats
(Alterations) die 660222 to finish this card.

I used Magenta 37.286 J and Impression Obsession D 17078 Inspire,
along with some washi tape to create this card.

 I added some artsy themed stamping to compete my card.  Try making some happy accidents with your art supplies, and give this technique a try!!

By the way everyone! There are 5 NEW colors of Nuance coming out, and they are being shipped to us next week! If you love Nuance, then you should definitely think about adding to your colors. Order yours on a paid pink sheet no later than Monday, April 18 to get your new colors in the first shipment!

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