Friday, November 18, 2016

Technique of the Week: Repeat Stamping with the MISTI

This week’s technique showcases one of the many benefits of the MISTI.  You can do this card with a stamp positioner but the MISTI really makes it so easy to keep each row of the stamped sentiment perfectly aligned.

I came across this technique on Jennifer McGuire’s website and you can see that video here.  I love watching and learning from other artists and I experimenting with their techniques to see if they are as easy as they seem on video.  This was another technique that was fairly simple to do and I loved the final results!
I started with a piece of Kraft cardstock cut to 4 ¼” by 5 ½”.  I selected two Magenta stamps for my images – Doodle Poinsettia 1, C0687.I and Peace on Earth, C07.457.H.  You will need a mask for the poinsettia image so stamp it on a piece of masking paper or a Post it note and cut it out. 

This is the most important step to make this technique work.  Since you will be moving the paper in this technique it makes it easier if you begin placing your paper lengthwise in the MISTI.  Don't place it in the corner, but one or two grid marks above the bottom edge of the MISTI.  Once your paper is positioned, place the Poinsettia stamp on the card stock and then center the sentiment right below it.  I found that it works best if you place the sentiment as close to the bottom of the poinsettia stamp as possible.  Close the lid of the MISTI to pick up the stamps, ink them with Versa Fine Black Onyx ink and stamp.  Remove the poinsettia stamp from the MISTI but leave the sentiment stamp in the same position.

I removed the card stock and embossed the image and sentiment with clear embossing powder.  This is an optional step.  In Jennifer McGuire's video you will see that rather than embossing, she used dark ink for the main sentiment and lighter ink for stamping the other sentiments.

After embossing the images, return the paper to the MISTI in the same position and place the mask over the poinsettia. 

Measure the height of your sentiment image and using the ruler on the side of the MISTI, slide your paper down by that amount.  For example, my sentiment was ½” tall so I moved the paper down ½” in the MISTI.  Be sure to keep the edge of your paper snuggly against the side of the MISTI.  Apply ink to your sentiment and stamp. 

Repeat the process by moving your paper down again by ½” (or the height of your sentiment), inking and stamping.  Continue this process until you have reached the top of your cardstock.  The mask will protect the poinsettia image.  Your paper will extend over the bottom of the MISTI but don’t worry; the lid of the MISTI won’t crease it.

To finish the bottom of your card, return to the original starting position and move your paper up ½”, ink and stamp. 
Repeat until you reach the bottom of your card.

To finish the card, use your choice of medium to color your image.  This example uses Prismacolor colored pencils.  (Scarlet Lake and Crimson Red for the flower; Canary Yellow for the center of the flower.)  I cut a piece of red cardstock to 4 ¼” by 5 ½” and adhered it to a white notecard.  I trimmed down the stamped image to 4” x 5 1/4:”, adhered a piece of fun foam to the back and then adhered it to the red card stock.  I added a few sequins and some yellow stickles in the center of the poinsettia. 

You can see the final card at Art ‘n Soul.  This technique goes quickly once you get started. I practiced a couple of times before starting on my “real” card and I love the finished look.  I plan to use this idea for some of my Christmas cards this year.  I hope you will give it a try, too.

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